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Welcome to the site dedicated to Whippets!
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with us and come back for the updates.

Welcome to the site dedicated to Whippets! Not JUST Whippets, but the two dearest to my heart Whippets in the world, Song Sung Blue Golddust (Dandy) and Anahita Arva S Native Runner (Fly). I am not a breeder, I am just a blessed owner of two beautiful dogs, two boys who have changed my life forever by turning me into a true Whippet worshipper.

The Whippet is one of the most popular breeds in the sighthound family in the world, probably due to the mind boggling combination of enchanting elegance, record speed and endearing personality. These creatures are equally impressive in the dog show rings, lure coursing and racing competitions as well as housemates and travel companions.

My incredible Whippet adventures would not had happened if it were not for several people who have done so much for me.
Bo Bengtson, one of the most successful world Whippet breeders (Bohem Whippets), the foremost authority on sighthounds and other breeds, FCI and AKC Judge and the author of the greatest books ever written about my favorite breed, "The Whippet", from which my infatuation with this breed has begun.

I was incredibly lucky to have met Mr. Bengtson in person and I am eternally grateful for generosity in sharing his vast knowledge, time and love to my Whippets with me.

Rita Vanhaeren, the founder of the Song Sung Blue Whippet kennel in Belgium and the owner of the gorgeous Bohem Time Flies (Timmy) , the International Champion and the World Winner 2006 in Poznan, who is Dandy's sire.
It is Rita who has believed in me from the very beginning and inspired me, who has given me Dandy as a puppy and has been closely involved with our lives ever since.

If two years ago anyone had told me, a Russian dentist from Saint Petersburg, that I would be flying with my dog to California to show him at AKC shows and returning home with Dandy as a new American Champion, I would not have believed a word. I don't know how far this path may take us, but the journey promises to be incredible.


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